Will Xiaomi telephones be affected by the Huawei Android ban? Is it protected to purchase a Xiaomi cellphone or will they be banned from Android too?

It is Google and it is Android Operating system who is doing this act.

Why Xiaomi phones are so cheap?

Performance:-As Samsung phones are light skinned they are a bit faster than huawei phones with the same specs. Huawei phones wont be too bad though. So depending on what type of user you are you can choose which phone is better for you based on performance.

Among other issues we are investing lots in a number of semiconductor manufacturers in China. But we believe that our business strategy shouldn’t be conditioned by the selections made by politicians.

huawei vs xiaomi

So far we now have opted to integrate the most effective parts in our merchandise. Technically it’s not stealing, you agreed to it, within the type of implied consent .